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26 May - 25 Jun

Car Racing Competition

How to participate

-     Spend a min. of $30 to participate in the tournament. Capped at $120 (max. 3 receipts).

-     Shoppers who spend $120 & above (max. 3 receipts) are entitled to the max. of 4 categories.

-     Participants are not allowed to change once they have confirmed the timings

-     For on-site registration, shoppers must spend a min. of $30 on the day itself to register. 

-     Shoppers can register for more than 1 category as below

a.     Cat 2 / Cat 3

b.     Family Obstacle Course

-     Safety briefings and instructions will also be conducted on the event day.


Pre-registration period

-     SSC: 26 May to 18 June

-     Shoppers must proceed to the respective mall for the pre-registration.

-     Receipts used are mall-specific. 

-     Please be punctual for the qualifying round.

      The Organiser reserves the right to qualify participants if they are late for for the qualifying slot.


Exclusively for pre-registration

-     Additional trial round and 30 seconds off your qualify round and 5,000STAR$ when you complete the race!

-     Please note that if the queue is missed, you will need to join in the walk-in queue and spend $30 to participate.

-     There is limited slots for the pre-registration. All pre-registration is on first come first serve basis.


4 main categories

There are 4 categories for the competition

-      Aged 4 to 6

-      Aged 7 to 12

-      Adults

-      Family Obstacle Course (1 Parent and 1 Child aged 7 to 12)


Qualifying Rounds

-     Cat 1: Aged 4 to 6

Mon to Fri: 11am to 1pm 

-        Cat 2: Aged 7 to 12

Mon to Fri: 1pm to 3pm 

-     Cat 3: Adults

Mon to Fri: 7pm to 9pm

-     Cat 4: Family Obstacle Competition

Sat & Sun: 11am to 1pm



-         Cat 1: Aged 4 to 6

      Sat 3pm

-     Cat 2: Aged 7 to 12

Sun: 3pm

-     Cat 3: Adults

Sat: 6pm

-     Cat 4 (Family Obstacle Course)

Sun: 6pm

How to play

The steps in the Qualifying rounds as follows

-     One Trial round before the actual qualifying round (for Cat 1 to 3)

-     Two rounds around the track (for Cat 1 to 3)

For the Family Obstacle Competition, there is a total of 5 obstacles to go through

1st Station – Car Racing by Child (Aged 7 to 12)

2nd Station – Mega Dart (Both Parent & Child)

3rd Station – Hop Scotch

4th Station – Ball Dribble

5th Station – Bean Bags to the finishing line 

The top 18 in the respective category with the fasting timing will proceed on to the Finals on the respective days. A representative will contact the finalist.



-     Cat 1: Aged 4 to 6

-     Cat 2: Aged 7 to 12

1st Prize: $300 Nandos Vouchers + 100,000 STAR$® (worth $100 CapitaVouchers)

2nd Prize: $210 Nandos Vouchers + 100,000 STAR$® (worth $100 CapitaVouchers)

3rd Prize: $150 Nandos Vouchers + 80,000 STAR$® (worth $100 CapitaVouchers)

4th & 5th Prize - $30 Nandos Vouchers


Normal Play (non-participation of tournament)

-       Shoppers who do not wish to participate in the tournament can also play during the below period

Mon to Fri: 3pm to 7pm (no spending required)

3pm: Cat 1

4pm to 7pm: Cat 2 & 3

-     Sat & Sun (Spend of $30 required)

1pm to 2pm: Cat 2 & 3

4pm to 6pm: Cat 2 & 3

7pm to 9pm: Cat 2 & 3

-     No pre-registration required. Receipt(s) must be on the same day as the participation. Limited slots on first come first serve basis.


Safety Guidelines

- All drivers to go through a safety briefing entering the track

- For females, hair to be tied neatly.

- Proper footwear (covered shoes) to be worn at all

- Only drivers and safety marshals are allowed on track

- Drivers must remain in their karts at all times. If help is needed, drivers to raise their hand and a marshal will go forward to assist

- Arms and legs must remain in the kart at all times.

- Karting is strictly a NON-CONTACT sport. Any person driving into other karts or into the barriers intentionally will be disqualified from the race.

Terms & Conditions